Mystery and Suspense stories were one of my first loves. Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None is a masterpiece and remains one of my all time favorites!

Creating my own series, characters, and mysteries as well as romantic suspense stories has been a dream for a very long time! Now I’m launching a new pen name and throwing myself into the genre I love.

Finally it’s here…CC Dragon is the name I’ll be using for Mysteries (Cozy, Paranormal, etc) and Romantic Suspense. If you prefer hotter stories, check out Cheryl Dragon (my evil twin…er alter ego).





Deanna Oscar Books 1-3 Box Set

A Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mysteries Books 1-3

Paranormal Cozy Mystery



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A Bar, A Brother, and A Ghost Hunt

A Deanna Oscar Paranormal Mystery Book 3

Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Whether it was a time warp or just a time jump, Deanna Oscar spent years in Chicago with her brother while he fought cancer and ultimately lost. But even as a ghost, he’s not making things easier on his sister. He’s refusing to cross over.

De heads back to New Orleans to resume her work but her brother fails to show up in Heaven and Gran is in a tizzy. Also De’s friend, Ivy, committed our favorite medium to do a ghost hunt with one of those annoying TV shows. De wanted things to go back to normal—deal with supernatural problems and catch a murderer or two.

But the location for the ghost hunt is very much haunted and she can’t say no when a man sits in jail for a murder he denies he committed while working at a bar that oozes evil. Deanna juggles angels, demons, and Death himself plus a puppy! She’ll probably solve the mystery, hopefully save her brother, and maybe even find a date to her ex-boyfriend’s wedding in time.


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Strawberry Top Boxed Set

Strawberry Top Short Mysteries – Books 1-3

Contemporary Cozy Mystery


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 Church Ladies Tea

Strawberry Top Short Mystery Book 3

Contemporary Cozy Mystery
A lovely church fundraiser causes major drama when the cash turns up missing. Another mystery to solve is the last thing Stacey Fields needs as she hunts for a new house and kicks off her own small business. Unfortunately, there are those in town who think Stacey might just be the thief. Rumors do run wild in a small town full of gossip. Toss in multiple man dramas and cats on a leash and things only get more out of hand for the amateur sleuth. Stacey can’t take no for an answer and presses for improvements in the church’s food pantry while tracking down the real cash thief—and if she happens to do a little matchmaking along the way, at least she helped a couple of people.

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Black Sheep Cake

Strawberry Top Short Mystery Book 2

Contemporary Cozy Mystery
Being the odd one out is even worse in a small town where everyone knows your business… 

Stacey “Strawberry Top” Fields is divorced and back home in Willowbrook, TN. Teased for her red hair a kid, she feels on display again as she tries to restart her life. A prize-winning cook and blue ribbon baker, Stacey is debating a suggestion by her best friend, Brandy Jo. Recording a cooking show for the Internet sounds like fun but is it a career? 

A divorced single mom, Brandy Jo wants to produce the show but has other pressing problems. Her family is having a reunion and she’s the black sheep failure with an ex-husband, one son, and a few part-time jobs. It gets much worse when her nice but uninsured car, a gift from a wealthy aunt, disappears. 

Luckily, Stacey is helping with the desserts table and making Brandy Jo’s favorite chocolate cake. Plus, Stacey is known for her amateur sleuthing skills. Her best friend needs that car and whoever stole it will be made to pay.

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Helena Goes to Hollywood

A Helena Morris Mystery

Contemporary Cozy Mystery
Helena Goes to Hollywood

Martial arts instructor Helena Morris has a few weaknesses. One is her FBI agent ex-husband who she avoids. The other is her superstar sister Sonia who is divorcing a soap star hunk of a husband. When Sonia needs protection from a stalker, Helena finds herself playing bodyguard and investigator. Glitz and glamour aren’t her style but she must gain full entry into her sister’s world to keep her safe!

It’s hard to know who to trust when half the suspects are professional actors with out of control egos. A murder too close for comfort stuns everyone and Hel knows her sister is probably next. Working the case with a little help from her still interested ex, a hunky LAPD detective, and other helpful friends, she has to track down rabid fans and clear jealous co-stars to get at the killer. With so many suspects, she’ll have to outsmart them all while not pissing off the LAPD to get a step ahead of the killer.


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